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I love you

♥i m j e a l o u s. o f. e v e r y. gir l.
w h o. h u g g e d. y o u. b e c a u s e.
f o r. o n e. m o m e n t. t h e y. h a d.
m y. w h o l e. w o r l d. i n. t h e i r.
a r m s.♥


Panic at the Disco

 From a Mountain in the Middle of the Cabins, Panic at the Disco were just Folkin Around. Suddenly Ryan Ross looked at the clock, it was

Nine in the Afternoon. He was mad... Mad as Rabbits. Then Spencer Smith shouted out "Do you no what I'm Seeing? Look at That Green

Spencer demanded. "Do you mean the Green Gentlemen Behind the Sea?", said Jon Walker. "Wow She's a Handsome

" said Brendon Urie. "It's a guy", said Spencer. "Oh", said Brendon. "Oh no it looks like its gonna Northern Downpour", said Jon.

"You know its been downpouring ever since When the Day met the Night" said Ryan. "I no that I Have Friends in Holy Spaces you

know!!!, said Brendon. "Pas de Chavel"!!!, said Spencer. "You so random!!!, said Jon. OMG Were so Starving!?!?!?, said the group.

They complained numerously. "I think The Piano Knows something I Don't," said Brendon. "I think so too"!, explained Ryan. "Hey Ryan! I

no this is a random question but why did you break up with your girlfriend?", asked Spencer. "I broke up with her because She Had the

World", answered Ryan. "Good Reason!", said Spencer. "Come on everyone lets go Panic at the Disco"!!!!!

Hayley Williams


 Beauty can be found in everyone. <3


[♥] I §єит λи λиgєℓ [♥]
Tσ Wαт¢н θνєя
Yσυ Lαѕт Ӣιgнт [☪]
βυт Iт Cαмє βα¢к. 
[♥ ι . λѕкє∂ . ωну؟ ♥]
λи∂ Iт §αι∂... [✫]
☜♥☞"λиgєℓѕ Dσи'т Wαт¢н θνєя λиgєℓѕ!"☜♥☞
§єи∂ тнιѕ тσ ➀⓪ fяιєи∂ѕ αи∂ ιf уσυ gєт ➐ вα¢к, уσυя ℓσνє∂! =]❤

That other girl

Everything goes fast. Life goes by greatly. I'm happy when I'm with you
-except for when I walk past you and see you with that girl.
Seeing this hurts me.
It inserts pain.
And now that your gone.--
While I'm out on my lawn. 
I only think of you.
Your voice is echoing,--
You scent is in the air---
Your eyes in my sight
Is my new light-----
My head can't get my mind off you--
I feel like I'm dead.


It's a great part of life
It can be pasted on easily 
You can see someone smiling 
or laughing 
and it tells you to  be happy.
Happiness is the best way to live. :)))


Love is like a mixed tape. You never know what is going to come up. Most people don't remember that, breaking up isn't the end of the tape. It's only a part of the tape that has been removed. Don't let that part of you  relationship suffocate you into depression. Because love isn't what keeps us alive. Remember there is someone out there for everyone. And even if you can't seem to find them. Remember that when you do find that person. EVERYthing will be worth it. <<3